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Harkirat Dhillon

Harkirat is studying biochemistry with a focus on neuroscience. He has a variety of research experiences ranging from cognitive psychology to biological fieldwork. His first paper was published in his first year at UBC in which Harkirat explored the air permeability of face masks using fluid dynamics ( At the Beck Lab, Harkirat's focus was on quantifying the viral load before and after disinfection via various methods. 

"Working at the Beck Lab was the ideal introduction to what scientific research is like. The experience provided exposure to every step of experimentation, from generating the SOPs to then using them to autonomously perform the experiments. Often, experiments would deviate from expectations, requiring us to adjust the SOPs which provided trouble-shooting experience. In the end, I had the opportunity to present my contributions at the Beck Lab to my supportive colleagues who provided valuable feedback. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect position to demonstrate the life of a researcher without overwhelming new-comers."


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