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Fundamental Water Disinfection Research

Ensuring safe and healthy drinking water for millions worldwide through water disinfection is essential. However, conventional methods like chlorination may only be efficient in eliminating some types of pathogenic microorganisms. Additionally, such methods can adversely affect the environment and human health, such as generating harmful by-products or consuming a substantial amount of energy.

Our research lab is dedicated to exploring beyond conventional solutions for water disinfection that are more efficient, sustainable, and affordable. Our testing platform simulates different water quality scenarios, challenges, and disinfection technologies.


We strive to create and enhance water disinfection systems that cater to various communities' and regions' unique requirements and preferences. Additionally, we endeavor to share our discoveries and perspectives with fellow researchers, professionals, and policymakers in the field of water treatment and management. Our objective is to enhance the accessibility and abundance of clean and safe water for all.

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